ams announces partial buyback of USD convertible bonds, due 2022, and/or EUR convertible bonds, due 2025

Premstaetten, Austria (6 November 2018) - ams AG (SIX: AMS) (“ams”), a leading worldwide supplier of high performance sensor solutions, announces its intention to implement partial buybacks of its USD convertible bonds (due 2022) DE000A19PVM4 and/or EUR convertible bonds (due 2025) DE000A19W2L5 for a market value of up to USD 100 million, equivalent to approx.
EUR 88 million, from company funds, depending on market conditions.
The buybacks are expected to be carried out in a timely manner after the required regulatory approvals, particularly according to mandatory Swiss Takeover Law rules for public buybacks, have been obtained.

This announcement does not under any circumstances create a buyback obligation on the part of ams and ams reserves the right to refuse any offers without stating reasons.