ams drives automotive electrification with new highest reliability and durability rotary position sensor

News Facts:

  • New AS5116 magnetic position sensor provides accurate angle measurements in high-speed electric motors and other demanding automotive applications

  • Innovative features of ams’ Hall sensor-based ICs support automotive manufacturers’ compliance with ISO 26262 functional safety standard

  • Advanced magnetic position sensor technology underpins ams’ vision of safer, smarter, greener mobility – all at a low system cost


Premstaetten, Austria (February 24, 2021) -- ams (SIX: AMS), a leading worldwide supplier of high performance sensor solutions, today announces the introduction of the AS5116 magnetic rotary position sensor, designed to support safer, smarter and greener mobility. By offering accurate, contactless angle measurements in demanding automotive applications such as high-speed motors, it enables automotive manufacturers to accelerate the electrification trend. 

Achieving great results at a low system cost, the new product is a first in the industry and achieves contactless operation and inherent rejection of stray magnetic fields provide a safe, reliable and durable sensing platform for a new generation of auxiliary motors in the car, supporting functions such as electric power steering, actuators within the transmission system, and pumps. 

Safer, more accurate position sensing

The differential sensing architecture outputs reject interference from stray magnetic fields induced by high-voltage cabling and other components in vehicles. The contactless mode of operation of the magnetic sensor also makes it immune to degradation caused by dust, dirt, grease, moisture, and other contaminants. 

These features enable manufacturers to eliminate the expensive and cumbersome shielding required by competing sensor systems while maintaining safe operation. The AS5116 is supplied with a dedicated safety manual to support customers’ ISO 26262 compliance efforts, and is AEC-Q100 Grade 0 qualified for use in automotive applications. 

The AS5116’s outputs feature inherent non-linearity of just 1° (maximum) over a full 360° turn at rotation speeds up to 30,000rpm. Output noise is a low 2.47mVrms at an operating voltage of 5V. These characteristics enable the AS5116 to produce accurate measurement outputs, which pro-vide the foundation of efficient motor commutation. By enabling automotive manufacturers to maximize torque and implement more efficient motor designs, the AS5116 will play its part in greening tomorrow’s road vehicles, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing tailpipe emissions. 

The AS5116 is supplied in an 8-pin SOIC package which has a footprint of 4.9mm x 6.0mm, making it even easier to integrate into automotive system board layouts than earlier ams position sensors. 

Alexander Rensink, Product Line Manager Position Sensors at ams, says: “Electrification of vehicle functions is one of the most effective ways for car manufacturers to increase system efficiency and reduce fuel consumption while meeting consumers’ demand for more and better driving, safety and comfort features in the car. By building a new generation of electric motors around the AS5116, automotive manufacturers can make further gains in efficiency while saving space and cost.”

The AS5116 rotary position sensor IC is available now in production volumes. For sample re-quests or more technical information, go to