Elevating triathlon training: breakthrough technology from ams OSRAM and greenteg for state-of-the-art body temperature monitoring

In the relentless pursuit of peak performance, every degree matters. That's why ams OSRAM, in cooperation with its well-known partner greenteg, is revolutionizing body temperature monitoring for triathletes worldwide. Together, the two companies are forging new standards: not only in the field of medical devices, but also in the rigorous realm of endurance sport thanks to the CORE sensor.

At the center of this trailblazing innovation lie greenteg's certified thermal heat flux sensors and algorithms. Known under the CALERA® brand, they can be easily integrated into smart wearables, providing promising potential for numerous applications. This means that the CALERA® sensor technology and ams OSRAM's advanced digital AS6221 temperature sensor are the perfect match: combined in the CORE device, they deliver conclusive data and insights to endurance athletes. Thanks to its innovative design, this lightweight, compact wearable supports athletes in regulating their body temperature, thus mitigating the risk of overheating and enabling them to achieve peak performance.

Picture this: Gustav Iden, World Ironman Champion 2022 and early CORE adopter, triumphant at the finish line in Kona, Hawaii with ams OSRAM's cutting-edge, embedded temperature sensor. After all, it’s not just about the victory, but the journey towards it. The Norwegian triathlon duo Iden and Kristian Blummenfelt rely on CORE's advanced insights to fine-tune their training strategies, ensuring they nose ahead of the competition.

Gustav Iden, 2022 Ironman World Champion in Kona, Hawaii and two-time winner of the World Ironman 70.3 (2019, 2021): the photo shows him crossing the finishing line at the 2022 World Ironman Championships – equipped with a CORE wearable with an embedded ams OSRAM temperature sensor.

After years of extensive laboratory testing, CORE’s heat strain index formula could be further improved to more accurately represent the heat strain on the body. To achieve this, easy-to-understand heat zones have been introduced. These zones are determined from the relationship between the skin temperature captured by the ams OSRAM temperature sensor and the core body temperature. To explore this latest innovation in more detail, refer to the CORE website.


At global sporting events, athletes today must contend with competitors under ever-more challenging conditions. Here, the high-precision CORE technology emerges as a beacon of precision, providing crucial health metrics as a basis for developing the best strategies for boosting athletic endurance and enabling peak performance. Embedded into CORE, the AS6221 digital temperature sensor by ams OSRAM is renowned for its unparalleled accuracy of ±0.09 °C, making it the world's most precise skin temperature sensor. Its ultra-small size of just 1.5 mm x 1.0 mm in its tiny WLCSP package (Wafer-Level-Chip-Scale-Package) and its ultra-low power consumption make this sensor ideal for wearables like CORE, ensuring total comfort and mobility. Powered by a small and lightweight battery, the sensor operates at a current of only 6 µA when measuring at 4 samples per second— so this sensor can easily keep up with an elite athlete in terms of endurance.

ams OSRAM’s commitment to innovation and excellence extends far beyond mere functionality: our mission is to empower athletes to train smarter, perform better, and make their sports dreams come true. In close partnership with greenteg ams OSRAM, a global leader in intelligent sensors and emitters, offers a fast track for prototyping and customized solutions, ensuring OEMs deliver wearables with unrivalled accuracy and efficiency.

However, ams OSRAM’s comprehensive portfolio even extends far beyond temperature sensors, encompassing all the components necessary for advanced fitness trackers and health monitors. Emitters, sensors, or algorithms for vital signs monitoring: the company remains at the forefront of wearable technology and sports science.

Join ams OSRAM in shaping the future of triathlon training with unparalleled precision and performance. Find out more about high-performing temperature sensors from ams OSRAM and the partnership with greenteg. Together, the two partners are redefining what's possible in wearable technology and athletic achievement.


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