ams BELAGO1.1 Dot Projector

Longevity January 2027
Longevity January 2027


BELAGO1.1 is a proprietary infrared dot-pattern illuminator for stereoscopic imaging and structured light platforms with eye-safety feature. It produces a focus-free, high-contrast dot pattern that algorithms can use to address low-texture situations and achieve high-accuracy depth maps. An additional benefit of the dot pattern is a reduction of the computational load required to perform the depth calculation.
The BELAGO1.1 dot-pattern illuminator is provided in a miniature package that is compatible with standard lead-free reflow processes. As such, it can be successfully used onboard of a great variety of 3D sensing platforms, from mobile to IoT to robotics, both for stereoscopic imaging and structured light. BELAGO1.1 emitters project 5k dots, focus-free, in a random pattern at 940nm.



  • High-contrast, 5k random dot-pattern
  • Focus-free dot pattern projection
  • High electro-optical efficiency
  • Eye-safety with resistive ITO


  • Enables fast and accurate depth sensing
  • Low power consumption for mobile and wall-plugged platforms
  • Ease of implementation on board a variety of platforms such as mobile, IOT and robotics
  • Integrated eye-safety